Hi All,

I have not found anything, nor have seen anything in Auctions coming up.  This is rather odd.  Historicly, after the first of the year, good cars and toys start poping up all over the place.  I think because people are getting their xmas bills and need the money.  I have seen a few pressed steel pieces but I need to wait for that great pedal car.   The cars I want now are very expensive, so small pieces for a few hundred just lessen the pot for when I find the next car.

Until next time.  Be safe and happy.  Rick


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Hi all,

My computer was on the frits for a bit but my brilliant son fixed the web site and I’m back in biz.

Long story short, I recieved  this 33′ Steelcraft 5 in 1 truck/Car from my wife  for christmas. When she wanted to get it for me I was shocked.  She is a keeper.  🙂

I thought American national was the only company that had a 5 in 1.  Actually, this steelcraft pre dates the American by 3 years.  MMMM?  who ripped off the idea from whom?

Anyone with any ads, catalog pages or anything on this piece please let me know.   This ad is the only paper I could find on the piece.  It is from a 33/ sears catalog.  Look at all the models this litle car/truck can be.    neat toy!!!    Rick5 in 1 ad

5 in 1 45 in 1 35 in 1

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Hi all,

As you might remember, I bought an American National/Paider barber chair pedal car several months ago.   It took me a while to find the correct parts.  The restoration was finsihed yesterday.  It looks fantastic.  



Chicago toy show


I just returned from the chicago toy show.  I love this show.  There is always lots of cool stuff to buy.   I never seem to have enough money.  🙁    I was a bit light after my expenditures in Hershey but did happen to pick up a great restored truck.   It is a American national Richfield tanker.  I have always wanted one but never had the money at the time.  The only thing wrong with the truck is that it didnot have all the proper pinstriping.  That is being corrected as we speak.  Enjoy.  More to come.

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Hi all,

I posted the plane I bought but here is the rest of the haul I brought back.  Most of the trip was rainy and gross.  However, it did not stop me from pounding the pavement to find that next great find.

I found a catepiller/bulldozer for a great price.  my son was happy.  He has wanted me to buy one for decades.  I never saw the value with the prices asked.  This was the right time and place to grab one.   I also found an American National  5 in 1 dump truck.  The truck has all sorts of attachments.  It is an ice truck, dump truck, fire truck, tow truck and Ambulance.   Unfortunately, this one is missing its wrecker boom.  My gole is to find one.  I have a few ideas.

There are only 3 of these trucks known.  Elmer D has one, Danny L has one and now me.  🙂    I also picked up a few other cars and toys along the way.   Enjoy and let me know what you think.    Rick

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Hi all,

I arrived at the swap about 3pm on set up day. Right off the bat I found a 20’s Buddy L coal truck.  I snapped it up.   I kept walking.  a few hours later I found the original pedal I always hoped to find. This year it ended up being a plane.   I thought the plane looked familiar but the owner said he had it for over ten years.  Once I purchased it and retired for the day, I researched the plane.    Low and behold I found it to be the exact plane that was sold at Bertoias auction house in 2012.  I was right.  I had seen the plane before.  Hate how people feel the need to lie.  The positive was that with the commission, he paid more than I did to him.  He had taken a small hit on the price he sold.  I bought a nice original..  I will be back out bright and early tomorrow.   I will let you know

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Hi all,

I’m getting ready for October. Hershey, auctions and more auctions.  Hopefully, I will have lot to share by the end of October.  

The reason I am writing this entry is to call out to all of you to help me find a piece I wish I had never sold.  I’m sure there has to be more out there.  I would like to buy another “City of Denver”.   I belive it was made only in 38 and 39′ by Gendron.   I am willing to take one in any shape you can find it in.   For a nice orignal, I will pay a very good price plus a finders fee.   All you pedal heads, help me find this piece.

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Hi everyone!

I will be traveling to Nebraska at the end of this month.  I will travel through Iowa or South dakato to get to my location.   Does anyone have any cool collections of pedal cars or pressed steel that I could stop and buy that great piece that you have kept in the basement for years????  I”m willing to buy entire collections too if they are the right pieces. Original prefered but will buy restored in a heart beat if the right model.  Let me know.



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Nothing new!

Hi all,

I know it has been a while since I last wrote.  Unfortunatley, its becuase I have nothing new to report.  I have been saving my pennies for Hershey. Hopefully, I will find something great. There are a few auctions and shows between now and then. You never kno wwhat I might find.  Until next time, happy hunting.  Rick

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There is always that one fish, one car, one something that we all had a chance to grab and for some reason it got away. Well, this is not my first, but it was one that hurt.   I had been watching this car for months.   I knew when the auction was, had it marked in my calender,  and made sure I checked its status every day to see if anyhting changed.

The big day arrived! I had to work for a couple hours, leaving me pleanty of time to get on the net and bid on the car.   Ofcourse I got stuck in work AND I forgot there was a time change from my home to the auction house.   I went on the net and found the pedal car I wanted had sold only ten item earlier.   I was so bummed. lolol   To put salt on the wound, the car had sold for 2500.  I thought for sure it would have gone for 3-5000.  

Oh well!  There is always another around the corner.  Happy hunting!  Rick

It has happened before but it never gets any easier when you are out bid, run out of money or some other stupid reason you cant get  that one thing that slips away right in front of you.

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