Hi all,

I was surfing my new found nitch to seek out pedals and I came across a Thomas pedal train.  I know they are out there.  In fact I remember several years ago when my son was a Thomas freak they were only available in Europe.  I tried to find one but they were outragous.   Years went by and so did the idea of buying one of those little pedal trains.

My son is grown, married with a beautiful wife, little boy and 6 month old twin girls.  Yup, he is on the fast tract.   His son is a Thomas the train freak just like he was.  I thought I might find him a pedal train.  He is only two, but my grandson can out do any 5 yr old. :p lolol

I started looking.   They came out a few years back in the US.  WOW!  $600.    Even now, several years later the used ones go for over $300.    I searched ebay and Craigslist.   The problem was if I found one on ebay, the price plus shipping was just too high.  I kept looking at Craigslist and hit pay dirt.   I found one only 15 miles from me.  It never left the basement and only had one little tiny scratch on it that is not even noticeable unless you search for it.  Of course I did! lolol

Now I have a birthday present for my Grandson.  Its not until later this year but Gramps is ready.  The best thing of all is when he is done and the girls are done with it, Gramps can reclaim it for the collection.   I don’t think they made that many and they do not make them any more.  Plus, it is kinda cool, even if it is brand new.    Here it is in my building until the birthday rolls around.

thomas_train1 thomas train a thomas train b

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NOT A PEDAL, OR IS IT!!!!!!!!!! :)

OK OK OK!   I deviated off the normal course of my collection.  However, there are things that come along you just cant pass up.   lololol  I cant belive I fell for this little horse.  I was looking at it and then noticed it was a pedal horse. It has a pedal mechanism just like the pedal cars.  Wow!  what a cool toy.  The kid gets a plush horse and can still drive it like a car, or should I say gallop away.

I bought it.  It will take a few weeks to arrive because it is coming from France.  Take a look and laugh or see the uniqueness that I see.   I will keep you updated as I bring this little guy back to life.


p.s.  I found a reference pic of what this horse must have looked like when he was a colt!

IMG_20140512_155458_985 pedal horse reference pic

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Hi all,

I spend alot of time searching for pedal cars on the net, sales, antique shops.  You name it, I probably have hunted for them there. 🙂  One night I was looking at Craigs list for an unrelated item.   It accured to me that I had never hunted  craigs list for pedal cars.  I always assumed it was a glorified garage sale.  Boy was I mistaken.

I put a search in for pedal cars.  Granted, there was not much in my area, but I expanded the search to different states.   I found a few cars that were very nice but the price was out of site.  I kept looking  and came across this super nice orignal little pedal racer.    I have seen a few before but they were so beat up they were not worth  restoration.  Missing parts and rust got the best of those.

The picture showed  an 100% orignal, 1928 Steelcraft “New Star Racer”.   I just smiled.  I wrote the owner and negotiated a deal and it was on its way to Minnesota.  It was only missing hubcaps.  :))))))))   I had four orignal!!!  This little baby only set me back $300.  including shipping.   Well worth it to me.  🙂

Remember everyone!  They are everywhere, anywhere at any time.  Keep looking.  They are still out there.  You just need to seek them out.  :)))))))))

steelcraft racer 1 steelcraft racer 2 steetcraft racer ad 3

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This weekend was one of those that you get excited for its arrival.   The Northland toy show finally arrived.  Saturday was set up day.  I showed up bright and early, paid the $30 early admission and started the hunt.  I noticed that the only pedals that showed up were 50’s and newer.  There was a beautiful orignal BMC but I try not to buy any cars earlier than 1940’s unless spectacular.  This car did not meet that criteria.

I walked around and found a beautiful Buddy L water tower. All orignal.  $3500.00  WOW!  The dealer loved it more than I did, I kept moving.     I found the dealer I have done buisness with over the years.  He was setting up his booth while telling me about  two Keystone planes he brought.   Keystone planes are somewhat common.  However, he said these were differant because they were the popper motor planes.(pistons go up and down when plane is rolled allong). 

He opend this case and there was an all orignal Keystone single prop popper motor.  Wow!, immediatly after that, he pulls out a beautifully restored tri popper motor.  He kept setting up while I looked at the planes.  He said which one???    I smiled and said, how much for both.  He was shocked.  30 Seconds later, the dance was done and the planes left the building with me. 🙂 .

Early this morning, I hopped out of bed and headed back over to the toy show. All things were set up and becuase of my ealry buyers fee, I was in a few hours ahead of the crowed.

I walked around and found a few things and then it caught my eye.  A buddy L water tower very very similar to one that I saw the day before.  It was beautiful, only missing a seat and rear water nozel.  I know I can find the nozel and will only have to watch ebay to find an orignal seat.   A few minutes with the dealer and I paid a fraction of what the other truck was listed for the day before.

I was feeling great.  3 new toys, I was set for a while.    Then I remembered  a pedal plane in a vegas auction.  Of course, today was auction day.   I still wanted the plane very much.   I knew what it was, but I was not sure if many others collectors did.  It is a 1920s Sidway toplift.  I have never seen one, not even a picture.  I only have the catalog pic to reference it with.  

I waited for the auction to start. Once it came to the floor, I almost fell over, $350.  No, thats not a typo. $350.00   There were virtually no toys in this auction. Im sure that had to affect the audience.  (good for me)    This plane is extremely rare.  However, I don’t believe it is any  more valuable than others of its era.  Its just super unique.   I think it has to be worth at least $1500 unrestored.

I have had a great weekend, paid a bit much for the pressed steel, but the pedal plane averaged all the pieces out below maret price.  Awesome!!!   Best wishes to you all.  Ricksidwaytoplift plane. 1920s


1929  Sidway Toplift:  Model #796
sidway plane

buddy l water tower 1 buddy l water tower 2


Cleaned and put out for display. 😉
zzzzz keystone popper planes 2 keystone popper planes

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I landed a super nice original  Wilkenson Dort.  This car was at action a few months back.  I  was caught in my car and could not make the auction in time to bid. 🙁  I lost the car.  Low and behold it hit Ebay.  I know what he paid at the first auction. so it hurt a little to buy it now.  The car is fantastic and has value for what I paid.   Take  a look.  Wilkenson is one of those little companies that made some good cars but died out shortly after they opened their doors.

dortfrtdet dortg dortrear dortsdab dortsdc dortsde dortwilk

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Hi all,

I was cruising through Craiglists listings.  Low and behold I came across a man who was selling two planes.   Upon closer look, I was suprised that both pieces were good.

The first is a 1920’s  Steelcraft Spirit of St. Louis Plane.  It needs a bit more paint work to make it correct, but all the parts are there and correct, right down to the chain drive pedal mechanism.  This is a large piece.  it is 57′ in length.   I have seen a few of these but only  one orignal paint plane owned by Elmer D.

The second plane was a surprise.  We all have seen the  41′ Steelcraft Pursuit plane.  The majority of them are silver, red and blue.  However, they did make an Army version with powder grey color trimed in black.   This plane is 100% original.    Let me know what you all think.

00H0H_1B3OuRShB3P_600x450 00W0W_hxSYYUvCZzY_600x450 00m0m_d2wGGhGZB90_600x450

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sturditoy chemicalI attended the minnesota Antique spectacular today.   It was fun to walk the grounds once again.  There was alot of stuff.   Seemed like there were less toys but alot more furniture and art this year.    Not to worry, there was a booth with a dealer I know all too well.  I have bought from him several times in the past.

He had several pressed steel toys and about 6 pedal cars.  None of the cars were older than 1950, so I passed.   His pressed steel stuff, buddy l, sturditoy, keystone etc… was very nice.  He had restored and a few orignals.    For some reason this 1920’s all orignal sturditoy chemincal fire truck kept calling my name.   It is all there, even down to the orignal hoses.  Wow! 90 years old and is mostly just dirty.   I bought the truck and brought it home.  Tried to lightly clean it.  It needs someone who is an expert with that old baked on dirt to clean or at least fill me in on what to use.   I paid too much for the truck but as the saying goes, buy it when you see it.  lololo   I figured I pd a few hundred more than I should, but over all I am very happy with it.  I am heading back over there tomorrow.  Today was set up, tomorrow might yield another great surprise.  🙂

Keep hunting!  That next great find might be right around the corner.



HI all,

The airflow was a great kick off to the 2014 season.  However, there is a lull until the next big show/auction or what have you.   Im bored searching ebay and all the papers looking for shows.   The next good one is on the 18th of April.  It is called the Minnesota Antique spectacular.  It has been a crap shoot for me over the years.  There are always some toys but the old ones  show up every now and then.   It is a good time and worth the early buyers fee to see if that next great find is there.

I’m already looking toward Hershey.  I was thinking about Pidgeon forge but I decided to save my money for one show.   Last year I came home with some great stuff.  Hopefully, it will hapen again.   Anyone who goes to Hershey knows there is ALWAYS something to buy.

I have my eye on a few pieces that might be coming up for sale, but the owner has not given me a price yet.  I have also been chasing a few pieces for years.  I will keep after them as well.  One of these days I will get the call or email that they are ready to sell. 🙂

Until next time, keep that search going .  You never know what is around that next corner.





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Hi all,

I just returned from a toy auction in Virden Illonois. I found an American Naitonal, Skippy, Chrysler Airflow.  There were a few other pedals but this was the one to buy.  I have only seen this model a very few times over the years.  It’s the largest airflow American Nat. made.  It is about 52′ long.  It had been bucket painted right over some surface rust.  The only good thing about that was the paint stalled the rust from moving as fast as it would have if it had not been painted.

The only part missing is the front bumper.  (easy find and fix).  All the impossible parts are still there.  It has the original etched hood ornamnet and all the metal detail pieces that attach to the hood and rear fenders.    AMAZING!  They are ALWAYS  gone.

I had to pay for this car but the rareity made it worth it to me. Once restored, it will be a super nice piece of rolling art.   I would still like to find the desoto version.  Anyone, anyone??????

I will post pics of the car when the restoration is done, but here it is as found.



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Hi all,

Nothing new to report.  Noting new to the market that strikes my fancy.  So, I thought I would go to the net and put my plea out to all of you for that striking 20’s  car that is sitting in your basement, gramas attick/garage.    I love the od ball stuff or very rare.  What do you have? Send me a pic, write me an email, call me on the phone.  612 669 1243.  Im willing to travel.

Here are some of what I would love to find.

T030Apackardpedal11376p4gad1acqftrainToledo-Boat-Show-1811042871_1_lThese are just a few that I would love to own.   Thanks all. Rick

ps  Keep those comments coming.  Love to read them!


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