Hi everyone!

I wish you all a happy new year.  I hope 2015 is a fantastic year for all, filled with toys and great things for everyone.  2014 had some great sadness in it for me but also had the marriage of my daughter to a great guy.  That old addage is so true.  When a door shuts, a window opens somewhere else.

With the cost of a wedding and funerals, I have little left to supoort my pedal car addiction. lolo  Im starting to recover and am looking and looking and looking.  I have a couple things on line that I would like to have but am not sure if I can pull them off just yet.

I have been doing the pedal car thing for quite some time.  One thing I have learned, if you miss this one, no worries, there is another just as cool coming up soon. It may not be the exact model you lost, but it will be just as cool.

I look back and only kick myself over one.  There were about 6 that i wish I had bought but one was in the early days of my collecting and didn’t realise what I walked away from over 100 bucks diff in price.   It was a 20’s gendron packard with opening door and trunk, full suspension, electric lights ….. the whole ball of wax.   I looked it up after I had gotten home that day and almost fell over.  I was so mad at myself.     The time to buy something you have never seen is right NOW. lololol     Ok, yes, there are more to come, but some are the result of being stupid not unable.  Oh well.  maybe some day it will come back to me.lolol

Best wishes to all and hope your 2015 is fantastic. 🙂

Rickbarber 7



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