Hi everyone,

Sadly, I must report I have no new pieces, no projects near completion and the Minnesota snow has set in. 🙁

My twin grand daughters turned one and my 3 yr old grandson is starting to pick up speed. lolol  Energy galore.

Ok, lets see what I can talk about in regards to pedals.  I did have a plane striped and letterd.  I bought this plane about ten years ago but never got around to finishing it off.  It was nicely restored with the exception of  lettering and striping.   (maybe they did not know what should have been there). It is a rare, Steelcraft “spirit of st. louis” plane.  Its huge.  I would guess about 58′ long.  Neet piece, but you have to have length and width to display it.

I have only seen one orignal and complete one. Elmer duelman has a super orignal, with a Lindberg doll sitting in the cockpit.  I belive there is a pic of that plane and doll in evalution number 5.  I think it is late 2o’s or early 30’s

Come on back, I have more things in the works.  🙂

Have a great weekend.

spirit of St. L

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