Hi all,

Its been a while since I last wrote. Sorry about that.   Since september I have gone to hershey.  It is always a super long drive but fun never the less.  This year I did come home with a nice car and a few parts for a big car of mine.

I found a 1936 Skippy Airflow made by american national.  It is only missing a few things but is solid and a super great car.  If I don’t sell it I will put it in line to be restored.  Wow, my restoration line is getting long these days.

The pedal car open house was not quite as busy as years past but was still lots of fun chatting with people old and new.  A few cars showed up along with  other toys.  The interest is still there.  Its a bit slow but I think overall, pedal cars are still alive and well.  I believe it will take a few more years until people are relaxed with the ecomomy and are willing to spend on extras like collectables.

Here is the airflow as well as a fresh restoration of another airflow I have.    Rick

Airflow skippy 1 airflow skippy 2 airflow skippy 4 aiflow skippy 3restored aiflow 2 restored airflow 1 restored airflow 3 restored airflow 4

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