Hi all,

Thanks fto my son and this wonderful site he built, I received another lead on a very nice pedal.  I received an email from a very nice woman who indicated she had a pedal and other toys she would like to sell.    After identifying the car and toys we chatted for a few days and I ended up with her entire collection of about 8 toys and the pedal.  The toys are a mismash of a few differant things.  Some decent, some not worth a dime.   However, the star of the show was her pedal car.   I knew it was a 1920s Sidway topliff right off the bat, but model??????, I had to delve into my books.

After a short period fo time I found the car to be a 1925ish.  (made it for a few years)   Pierce arrow.  I hae never seen this model in person.  Actually, I have never even seen a picture of this model.

The car is 90% complete with a very poor restoration.  It also has tags and plates that are not correct to the model or car itself.   Everyone seems to think all 20’s cars are American Nationals and restore them that way.   I guess if you don’t have the resources to research, I that is as good a guess as any.

The car and toys are on their way to me now.  It will be put in line for restoration like a few others.

Here are the pics.  enjoy and let me know what you think.   Remember, I buy pedal cars.  If you have the right ones, I will buy one or your entire collection like this one.

Rick  🙂









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