Hi everyone!

The snowmobile was dropped off for restoration.   I was a little hesitant to bring it to my pedal car guy because it is so uniquie and differant.  Much to my surprise, I found out that one of his several jobs growoing up was a snowmobile mechanic. lololol   Jackpot! He worked at a dealershiop for over 2 years. 🙂   We know he can paint, but he has exact knowledge of snowmoblies, and ski doo snowmoibles to boot.:)

He thought the sled was awesome yet thinks there is a good chance it might have been home made.   He is not totally sure because of the detail in all the workings.  Even the placement of the wheels under the tracks  are set oposite ways every other wheel. That small detail is exaclty how the large sleds are made.  He pointed out several things that were absolutely correct.  He could not tell if the sled had several repairs with whatever was in dads garage and actually started as a factory sled or if it was made by a super talented craftsman.

He thinks, even if ski do ordered it, it was hand made by a great craftsmen.  “There would be no way they tooled up to produce a run of these tiny machines.”.    The fact there are no pics, no old pics and NO info on this peice anywhere indicates more homemade then corporate.

Either way,  this little ski doo is coming back to life.   My job right now is to try to find the correct engine for it.   The restorer indicated 50-75cc with right side pull start.    I have already found some canidates but am searching out all my options.

I wil keep you updated on the restoration.  Kitty cat watch out.  This tiny ski doo is on its way back to kick your Kitty butt.  🙂


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