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I was surfing my new found nitch to seek out pedals and I came across a Thomas pedal train.  I know they are out there.  In fact I remember several years ago when my son was a Thomas freak they were only available in Europe.  I tried to find one but they were outragous.   Years went by and so did the idea of buying one of those little pedal trains.

My son is grown, married with a beautiful wife, little boy and 6 month old twin girls.  Yup, he is on the fast tract.   His son is a Thomas the train freak just like he was.  I thought I might find him a pedal train.  He is only two, but my grandson can out do any 5 yr old. :p lolol

I started looking.   They came out a few years back in the US.  WOW!  $600.    Even now, several years later the used ones go for over $300.    I searched ebay and Craigslist.   The problem was if I found one on ebay, the price plus shipping was just too high.  I kept looking at Craigslist and hit pay dirt.   I found one only 15 miles from me.  It never left the basement and only had one little tiny scratch on it that is not even noticeable unless you search for it.  Of course I did! lolol

Now I have a birthday present for my Grandson.  Its not until later this year but Gramps is ready.  The best thing of all is when he is done and the girls are done with it, Gramps can reclaim it for the collection.   I don’t think they made that many and they do not make them any more.  Plus, it is kinda cool, even if it is brand new.    Here it is in my building until the birthday rolls around.

thomas_train1 thomas train a thomas train b

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