NOT A PEDAL, OR IS IT!!!!!!!!!! :)

OK OK OK!   I deviated off the normal course of my collection.  However, there are things that come along you just cant pass up.   lololol  I cant belive I fell for this little horse.  I was looking at it and then noticed it was a pedal horse. It has a pedal mechanism just like the pedal cars.  Wow!  what a cool toy.  The kid gets a plush horse and can still drive it like a car, or should I say gallop away.

I bought it.  It will take a few weeks to arrive because it is coming from France.  Take a look and laugh or see the uniqueness that I see.   I will keep you updated as I bring this little guy back to life.


p.s.  I found a reference pic of what this horse must have looked like when he was a colt!

IMG_20140512_155458_985 pedal horse reference pic

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