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I spend alot of time searching for pedal cars on the net, sales, antique shops.  You name it, I probably have hunted for them there. 🙂  One night I was looking at Craigs list for an unrelated item.   It accured to me that I had never hunted  craigs list for pedal cars.  I always assumed it was a glorified garage sale.  Boy was I mistaken.

I put a search in for pedal cars.  Granted, there was not much in my area, but I expanded the search to different states.   I found a few cars that were very nice but the price was out of site.  I kept looking  and came across this super nice orignal little pedal racer.    I have seen a few before but they were so beat up they were not worth  restoration.  Missing parts and rust got the best of those.

The picture showed  an 100% orignal, 1928 Steelcraft “New Star Racer”.   I just smiled.  I wrote the owner and negotiated a deal and it was on its way to Minnesota.  It was only missing hubcaps.  :))))))))   I had four orignal!!!  This little baby only set me back $300.  including shipping.   Well worth it to me.  🙂

Remember everyone!  They are everywhere, anywhere at any time.  Keep looking.  They are still out there.  You just need to seek them out.  :)))))))))

steelcraft racer 1 steelcraft racer 2 steetcraft racer ad 3

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