This weekend was one of those that you get excited for its arrival.   The Northland toy show finally arrived.  Saturday was set up day.  I showed up bright and early, paid the $30 early admission and started the hunt.  I noticed that the only pedals that showed up were 50’s and newer.  There was a beautiful orignal BMC but I try not to buy any cars earlier than 1940’s unless spectacular.  This car did not meet that criteria.

I walked around and found a beautiful Buddy L water tower. All orignal.  $3500.00  WOW!  The dealer loved it more than I did, I kept moving.     I found the dealer I have done buisness with over the years.  He was setting up his booth while telling me about  two Keystone planes he brought.   Keystone planes are somewhat common.  However, he said these were differant because they were the popper motor planes.(pistons go up and down when plane is rolled allong). 

He opend this case and there was an all orignal Keystone single prop popper motor.  Wow!, immediatly after that, he pulls out a beautifully restored tri popper motor.  He kept setting up while I looked at the planes.  He said which one???    I smiled and said, how much for both.  He was shocked.  30 Seconds later, the dance was done and the planes left the building with me. 🙂 .

Early this morning, I hopped out of bed and headed back over to the toy show. All things were set up and becuase of my ealry buyers fee, I was in a few hours ahead of the crowed.

I walked around and found a few things and then it caught my eye.  A buddy L water tower very very similar to one that I saw the day before.  It was beautiful, only missing a seat and rear water nozel.  I know I can find the nozel and will only have to watch ebay to find an orignal seat.   A few minutes with the dealer and I paid a fraction of what the other truck was listed for the day before.

I was feeling great.  3 new toys, I was set for a while.    Then I remembered  a pedal plane in a vegas auction.  Of course, today was auction day.   I still wanted the plane very much.   I knew what it was, but I was not sure if many others collectors did.  It is a 1920s Sidway toplift.  I have never seen one, not even a picture.  I only have the catalog pic to reference it with.  

I waited for the auction to start. Once it came to the floor, I almost fell over, $350.  No, thats not a typo. $350.00   There were virtually no toys in this auction. Im sure that had to affect the audience.  (good for me)    This plane is extremely rare.  However, I don’t believe it is any  more valuable than others of its era.  Its just super unique.   I think it has to be worth at least $1500 unrestored.

I have had a great weekend, paid a bit much for the pressed steel, but the pedal plane averaged all the pieces out below maret price.  Awesome!!!   Best wishes to you all.  Ricksidwaytoplift plane. 1920s


1929  Sidway Toplift:  Model #796
sidway plane

buddy l water tower 1 buddy l water tower 2


Cleaned and put out for display. 😉
zzzzz keystone popper planes 2 keystone popper planes

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