sturditoy chemicalI attended the minnesota Antique spectacular today.   It was fun to walk the grounds once again.  There was alot of stuff.   Seemed like there were less toys but alot more furniture and art this year.    Not to worry, there was a booth with a dealer I know all too well.  I have bought from him several times in the past.

He had several pressed steel toys and about 6 pedal cars.  None of the cars were older than 1950, so I passed.   His pressed steel stuff, buddy l, sturditoy, keystone etc… was very nice.  He had restored and a few orignals.    For some reason this 1920’s all orignal sturditoy chemincal fire truck kept calling my name.   It is all there, even down to the orignal hoses.  Wow! 90 years old and is mostly just dirty.   I bought the truck and brought it home.  Tried to lightly clean it.  It needs someone who is an expert with that old baked on dirt to clean or at least fill me in on what to use.   I paid too much for the truck but as the saying goes, buy it when you see it.  lololo   I figured I pd a few hundred more than I should, but over all I am very happy with it.  I am heading back over there tomorrow.  Today was set up, tomorrow might yield another great surprise.  🙂

Keep hunting!  That next great find might be right around the corner.

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