HI all,

The airflow was a great kick off to the 2014 season.  However, there is a lull until the next big show/auction or what have you.   Im bored searching ebay and all the papers looking for shows.   The next good one is on the 18th of April.  It is called the Minnesota Antique spectacular.  It has been a crap shoot for me over the years.  There are always some toys but the old ones  show up every now and then.   It is a good time and worth the early buyers fee to see if that next great find is there.

I’m already looking toward Hershey.  I was thinking about Pidgeon forge but I decided to save my money for one show.   Last year I came home with some great stuff.  Hopefully, it will hapen again.   Anyone who goes to Hershey knows there is ALWAYS something to buy.

I have my eye on a few pieces that might be coming up for sale, but the owner has not given me a price yet.  I have also been chasing a few pieces for years.  I will keep after them as well.  One of these days I will get the call or email that they are ready to sell. 🙂

Until next time, keep that search going .  You never know what is around that next corner.





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