Hi all,

I just returned from a toy auction in Virden Illonois. I found an American Naitonal, Skippy, Chrysler Airflow.  There were a few other pedals but this was the one to buy.  I have only seen this model a very few times over the years.  It’s the largest airflow American Nat. made.  It is about 52′ long.  It had been bucket painted right over some surface rust.  The only good thing about that was the paint stalled the rust from moving as fast as it would have if it had not been painted.

The only part missing is the front bumper.  (easy find and fix).  All the impossible parts are still there.  It has the original etched hood ornamnet and all the metal detail pieces that attach to the hood and rear fenders.    AMAZING!  They are ALWAYS  gone.

I had to pay for this car but the rareity made it worth it to me. Once restored, it will be a super nice piece of rolling art.   I would still like to find the desoto version.  Anyone, anyone??????

I will post pics of the car when the restoration is done, but here it is as found.



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