Hi all,

I arrived at the swap about 3pm on set up day. Right off the bat I found a 20’s Buddy L coal truck.  I snapped it up.   I kept walking.  a few hours later I found the original pedal I always hoped to find. This year it ended up being a plane.   I thought the plane looked familiar but the owner said he had it for over ten years.  Once I purchased it and retired for the day, I researched the plane.    Low and behold I found it to be the exact plane that was sold at Bertoias auction house in 2012.  I was right.  I had seen the plane before.  Hate how people feel the need to lie.  The positive was that with the commission, he paid more than I did to him.  He had taken a small hit on the price he sold.  I bought a nice original..  I will be back out bright and early tomorrow.   I will let you know

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