There is always that one fish, one car, one something that we all had a chance to grab and for some reason it got away. Well, this is not my first, but it was one that hurt.   I had been watching this car for months.   I knew when the auction was, had it marked in my calender,  and made sure I checked its status every day to see if anyhting changed.

The big day arrived! I had to work for a couple hours, leaving me pleanty of time to get on the net and bid on the car.   Ofcourse I got stuck in work AND I forgot there was a time change from my home to the auction house.   I went on the net and found the pedal car I wanted had sold only ten item earlier.   I was so bummed. lolol   To put salt on the wound, the car had sold for 2500.  I thought for sure it would have gone for 3-5000.  

Oh well!  There is always another around the corner.  Happy hunting!  Rick

It has happened before but it never gets any easier when you are out bid, run out of money or some other stupid reason you cant get  that one thing that slips away right in front of you.

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