HI all,

I was searching ebay in the usual manner.   I came across a pedal car that I was interested in.  It was too much so I let it go.  A few weeks later it came back on ebay with a much lower price.   I took a much closer look at it this time.  What I noticed was that it has name plates on the back frame and front grille.  It was clearly an American National, however, the plates indicated “Paider”.   I had heard that name before but could not remember from where.  I did some research and low and behold found out that it was a barber chair company.  That is why I knew the name.  I had see Paider pedal car chairs in the past.  Rare, but they are around.

This info gave me renewed interest in the car, and explained some of the modifications it had on it.  The car had hand made pedal straps, ;pedals and pedal mechanism.  This makes perfect sense because this car would have never had any.  It was an original Barber chair car. It would have been mounted on a barber base with no pedal assembly.  This also explains why it had no American National emblems.  The base car would have been sold to Paider and they added their badge and markings, making the car theirs.

I won the auction and the car came to me.  The most bizzare thing happened.  The day after the auction, I was looking at Craigs list and came across an all original “paider” barber chair base for a fraction of all the ones I had seen on line.   It was only 10 miles from my house to boot.  Wow!!!   I negotiated an even lower price and went and got it.    Now, I have all the pieces to put this chair back together.  Even, more amazing, I found an original Catalog page of a barber pedal car from that era on ebay.  I almost fell over $6.      This one was meant to be.

The car, base, catalog page are all at the restorers right now.  I had picked some bright colors but found out once the base was in the sun, the ivory porcelan has a green hugh to it.  I guess that fores me to paint the car some shade of green and cream so all pieces match.   We’ll see what happens.   I’m excited to have it.  I have always wanted one but they usually go for 10k and up.

Nothing else on the pedal car horizon.  I’m getting excitted about Hershey even though it is several months away.

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