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Ok OK,

Its not a pedal car but I had to share my new puppy with eveyrone.  His name is Zeus and he is an english mastiff.  He is 7 weeks old today.  He has one more week with his mother and then will come home to me.

We do have one other dog named Bentley.  He is a 14 lb Teddy bear Shitzu.   He bleives all humans were put on this earth to kiss his behind.

Zeus will wiegh in at around 30lbs when he gets here at 8 weeks old.  He will top the scales in excess of 200lbs when full grown.  He is an Apricot brindle mastiff.  I waited for almost two years to get just the right dog.   He finally came.

To all my pedal car fans, I am NOT going to the pigeon forge show this year.  It is not worth the money for what shows up.  I think this year will be all telling. It has been taken over and alot of advertaising was done.  If this show sinks, I think it will die all together.  Hopefully, it will bring it back to life.

Here are the pics of Zeus and Bentley. 





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