Hi everyone!

I stopped by my restorers today to drop a toy off for restoration.  He had the Rundle in pieces.  The fenders were striped primed and sanded waiting paint.  The body and frame were in parts on the floor.  There is alot more work to be done, but the car is well under way.  I bet, in about a month,  it will be ready to come home. (Depending on chrome.  thats takes a while)  Its going to be awesome..

I decided on midnight blue and bright silver.  Two tone body.  I have not decided on the color of the pin that seperates the two colors.   The converitble boot will be a navey blue material to match the blue paint.    Lots of chrome and toys to put it back to the day it came off the showroom floor in 1925. 🙂    Sorry, I forgot my phone, no pics this time.

Lets see, what else can I show you guys.   Found something!  Here are the 3 sizes of a Buddy L Zephyr train.   I would love to duplicate them with all being orignal.  The yellow one at present is the only one that is all orignal.  The other two are restored.  enjoy!

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