Hi all,

I recieved an email a few weeks back about a pedal carr.   Today, i went to see this beautiful 1933/4 American National Buick.   It is missing a few key parts but over all  in solid shape, showing most of its orginal paint.

I did not have to adjust for  shipping because it was so close to my house.  This way, I was able to offer the owner a bit more.    Thanks Rob, for selling me such a nice little car.  I like the original paint, but its over all conditon is right on the line on wether it should be restored or not.    I don’t believe I will restore it.  It has way too much character.

       The Rundle is under restoration (prior blog), and will take several more weeks before it is finished.   

Best wishes to all.   lollool  Just thought.  mmmm Red and black.  Valentines day colors.  🙂

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