Hi all,

I found a Buddy L airplane hanger on craigs list this past sunday.  The guy was only two miles from my house.  Three hours later, I sold it on ebay with a hit on a buy it now.  It sold only 3 minutes into the sale.  mmmmm?  how much money did I leave on the table?????

Anyway, this afternoon, I found a buy it now on this Kingsbury firetruck.   After my profit on the hanger, I was able to buy this truck for about $100.  That is so cool

This is the same model firetruck I had. It was a beautiful original.  I had to sell it to get my original pedal train.  I can restore this truck and have both once again.  Not original, but it will be beautiful.  Its a rare model and am thrilled to have it.  YES, it does have the wind up motor.   It was marketed under the name Little Jim, sold by JC Pennies.

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