Hi to all,

I hope this holiday season finds you all happy, healthy and safe.

I am writing this blog to inform you of a new car I found.  It is a basket case, with many parts missing.  However, it is super rare and very much worth the time and effort to bring it back from the dead.

It is a 1923 Rundle.  This was a very small pedal car co. that was alive, from what I can tell, from 23 to 26.   The cars they made were rather large.  All were over 50′ plus inches.  I think the one I have is about 58  from bumper to bumper.

It has a horshoe grille with the name Rundle pressed into to it.  This is the coolest part of the entire car.  Normal old school body style.  Reminds me of the full sided wood wheel cars by Gendron/American national.   It has side mounts, rear wood trunk, shifter and a windshield with framed wings. This car will be awesome when done.

I have only seen two others ever.  One in person and the other in a photo.   The one I saw in person was similar to mine but not full sided. I have a photo of the one I saw in person.  Good thing, it will be a great help when it comes to the paint scheme.

Here it is.  I have photos and a catalog page.  I’m sure I can bring it back with these materials.


12/23/12   Its here!

The Rundle arrived today.  I unpacked and look at all the parts and car.  It looks just like the above pics, no surprises.   It will be great fun bringing this treasure back to its former glory.  I’m having  fun looking at all the unique stylings on this car.  I’m adding to my knowledge bank. I will update you all as the restoration starts.  It is next in line, so not too long.  🙂   Happy holidays to you all.  Rick

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