There is not much to report at present.  No new toys or anything for that matter right now.

I have found that this time of the year is the worst for picking up the good stuff.  Right after christmas it tends to come out of the woodwork.  Auctions, sales and lots of private offerings.  Im a bit curious on how I will do since my standards have changed a bit.  I do love the shiny and chrome, but also love the beautiful orignals.   I’m trying to keep it at least a 50/50 split.   Its hard not to buy the shiny when nothing else is there. (Patience has never been my strong suit) 

If you want a car that is shiny and chromed out.  Look around.  You will find one for at least half of what it would cost to buy and restore.  The exception is that super duper rare model.   Then, it doesn’t matter what conditon it is in.  buy it.

Lesson over! lolol    Here are a few neat pics to tide you over until my next car/toy.

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