Nothing new :(

Hi guys!

There is nothing new to report.  It is pretty slow this time of year.  I find that until christmas has passed, no good stuff shows up.  Then, once everyone recieves their Christmas bills, they must let go of some stuff to pay it off. Also, the spring auctions are then under way.

I’m looking forward to the auctions.  I have heard that several auctions are coming with some really good original stuff.

My collection is starting to build again.  I have about 45 cars and 25 pieces of pressed steel. It is a long way from the 350 I had, but I’m sure I will get there once again.  Except this time, my collection is far more rare and valuable overall.   I do have to keep an eye on myself.  I want to buy restored pieces.  Not that it is all bad, but you must pay pennies for these pieces because pennies is what you will get back later one.  Unless, it is a super rare model. even then, shiny paint can be a killer.   I like orignals as well as the shiny ones. lol

I have a line on a few originals. However, the owners are not letting them out of their hot little hands.  I know where they are and I will keep trying.  More updates as anything happens.

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