Hi  all,

I woke early and headed toward the field while the sun was still sleeping.  I hit the field in the dark wile most vendors were not open  Those who have been here know that this place is enormous.   I started walking, walking and walking.

I hit the first row of the field and came across a vendor who was just opening his tent.  There sat a carnival ride.  I don’t do carnival rides. lolol  Until now!   I found an italian motorcycle carnival ride.   Most motorcycles are Leinarts.  They are good size but are the most common you see.  This little bike was 1/3 the size.  It was shaped like a little racing bike.  It even had a “motor guzzi” decal on the tank.   Unfortunately the bike had been brush painted a few times over.  It was coplete wiht all lights and glass. They also left the sticker untouched as well as the motor guzzi stencil.  I should be able to copy them.   It is very very cool.    The vendor was asking 900. I walked away with it for 40o.      Pics below.

My hunt was on for that super pedal I was hoping for.  I came across a few guys I new that each had a great original for sale.  Unfortunately, their prices are grossly inflated.  I get it, there are people who can afford to pay for it.  I cant.  I can pay a chunk, but not super rich prices.  my search went on.

Finally an hour or so later I was near the farthest corner of the field.  I had just been thinking this place was void of any great cars this year, restored or not.  I turned down an isle and in the distance I could see a pedal on a table .  As I got closer and closer I noticed it was a 20’s car.  Even closer I saw it was orignal.  Yes, original.  fenders, louvers et….   It was beautiful.    The only thing better would be if it was a full body car.  It was two piece body car but awesome non the less.

It took me about a half hour but I walked away with it.  Remember, I was in the farthest corner of the field.  about a mile from my car.  what to do?  This is  large and heavy car would have killed my back if I rolled or carried it.   I told the seller I would be right back.  I walked a row over and  bought a beat up wagon for 10 bucks.  The chasis fit perfectly in the bed of my wagon. 🙂 I was good to go.

As you might expect, as I towed the pedal to my car, I was stopped over and over again by people to look at this beautey.  Several people stopped and asked how much?  lolol  I inflated the price huge.  I finally arrived at my trailer.  I packed the cycle and car safely in the trailer and headed back to the field not really caring if I found anything else.

I found a few more things but here are the pics of the car and cycle.  1924 Gendron Willy’s Knight.

I leave in the morning.  More pics of what I found when I get home.    Enjoy,  Rick

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