Hi guys!

I have drove and drove and drove.

I went to an auction..  I picked up a plane I used to own and another pedal that would be nice restored or used as a trade.   I arrived at Hershey late this afternoon and ran oround the field looking at what was out.   Here are some pics of what I saw.

The last pics of a red truck is one I picked up at a tiny little antique shop along the way.   I ran through the store finding nothing.  Up by the door was this red truck in a box.  I asked if it was for sale, they said yes.  I took a closer look. OMG, it was a Kingsbury motor driven truck from 1926.    I did a search on my phone very quickly.  I found that original paint trucks have sold for 4, 5, and 6 thousand bucks.     I snatched this one up quickly.  It is bucket painted but totally solid with no rust.

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