Only a few more weeks. Hershey, here I come. :)

Hi guys!

Nothing new to report.  I have had a few offers of some super nioce originals.  However, the sellers and I were not even close on a price.  They will have to sit a while longer before I can become an interested buyer.   Thats ok, I have the same problem in reverse.  My cars are always worth more when I own them. lololo

Only a few more weeks until Hershey.  It should be a great trip.  I can hit all the Antique shops along the way.  Hershey is great and horrible at the same time.  You will always find something you want to bring home.  The problem is , you find many more than one.  You return home, toy rich, and cash poor.

My truck is going to get full service this week.   Hopefully, that will take care of any potential problems I have not detected.

I will bring my laptop and update with photos along the way as well as at Hershey.  While at Hershey I will be going to Leroy Hornings pedal car open house.   It is always a good time.  Nice time to visit with toy feinds and chat with some very nice people.  Hopefully, some really cool stuff will show as well.

Chat soon.   Rick

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