Sister car to my fire truck is joining the collection

Hi all,

I found this car on an internet search.  It is the corporate  sister car to the  one I have owned for a few decades..  Mine is the american national with the G Man type fenders. I believe this to be the Gendron.   Doesn’t truly matter, in 1927 American national owned or was the parent company of  American national, gendron and toledo.  I believe there were a few wheel co.’s in there too.     Rick

p.s.  Look at the wheels.  Very very rare artillery wheels.   Extremely hard to find.  I had never seen a set in person until last year when I bought them.  Then, less than a few months later, I find this car with them again.  Wow. 20 years of never seeing them and then bang,  twice in a year. lolol  that is how it happens.   Just like when you never ever see something, you buy it, and you see 8 others before the weeks out. 🙁  lolo


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