Pigeon Forge 2012

Hi All,

Well, its all over and here is what I found over the past week.

I arrived on a Tuesday. The show started Wednesday.  A few vendors were  set up.  I left my stuff in my trailer because I was just to lazy to set up for aonly a few hours.

I set my room up with the Kingsbury  and steelcraft truck in the window. I put a huge price on the Kingsbury because I didn’t really want to sell it.  A few pressed steel guys came buy and told me that I had something far rarer than I thought.  I knew the truck was rare, but I guess the particular model I found is extremely rare.   Ofcourse, that made me happy and my grip upon it that much more tight. 🙂

Wednesday came and went, Thursday arrived with nothing special showing up. There was a nice ruble seat roadster but  It looked too perfect in every way not to be hand built. In my opinion. that is.  I let it pass.

I was dissapointed in  the show, It had alot of pressed steel but the pedal guys of old were just not there.  The inventory was just not there either.     I brought my all orignal skippy dump truck.  I brought it to to show but not sell . However, somone came up and offered a price I could not pass up.  I have sellers remorse but a pocket full of cash.  mmmmm?

I picked up several restored cars and brought a few more to be restored.   I do not think I will return to P Forge.  It is too far to drive for entry level stuff and not much of a chance of anything else.

Here are the pics of the the last few days.   I left on thursday, instead of Friday because of the invetory was not showing up.   I did have a good time and pick up a few toys along the way.  It was not a total bust. But it was very expensive trip for no ultra rare pedals.

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