Ready set go……………engine service light goes off.!!!

Hi All,

I took off this morning with excitment and a pocket full of cash for new finds.  I was about a mile from my house and all of a sudden the truck starts shaking and the engine light comes on. OH SHIT…NOT NOW!   I drove about ten miles to a Ford dealership to have it fixed.  Lucky they had saturday hours.

I pulled in and was relieved it happend now instead of 500 miles from now.  They diagnosed a few problems.  1200 dollar repair.  wow.  half was under waranty.  It helped.   500 plus bucks later I was on the road.  bummer!  Toy money to fix my truck

I took off three hours later and started my trip.   I hit several antique shops along the way.  There were a few toys I wanted but the price was too high.  I did find one I liked. It is a 1920’s Steelcraft army truck.  Decent deal so I bought it.    I also hit an antique toy show. Llots of stuff but huge prices. I passed.  Here are some  pictures  of my morn.

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