Ready set…….

Hi all,

I have been getting the trailer ready for P forge.  I have put shelves in it, bought new moving blankets, selected what things I want to bring as well as get the daily stuff put in the trailer.

I put a tool box together this year to bring.  It never fails, I allways need a tool for some add ball thing.   Because I’m prepared this year I will need nothing. Isnt’ that how it goes?

I’m going over my route and think I might go the back ways to get off the freeway and freestyle it across the country.  You never know what you might find.  A hidden stash of toys ?

I did this once from chicago to here.  It took a while longer but the drive was much nicer and all the little towns are much more fun than the normal truck stops.  I’m buying an atlas to pair with my gps.  

I have heard rumors of new inventory as well as presses steel people are coming to the show.  80 rooms have been sold out.   I hope the newly taken over show has had new life infused into it.  It has been slowly dieing over the past years.  If it is like last year, this might be my last.

I have nothing cool to show you so I will find some random cool photos.  Pictures are always neet to look at. 🙂

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