What is it?????

Hi all,

I went to a very large antique show today.  I bought a keystone truck and came across a pedal car that had no wheels.  .  The dealer wanted 2,000.  Way too much for a non fendered car that apeared to be a teens model with no wheels.  I felt the car was worth about 900 as it sat.

The thing that caught my attention was that I could not identify it.   The suspension has a very unique rear spring shape as well as a unique front axel.  I have not seen them before.  The steering wheel is wooden with a spark resister on the wheel.   Some of these things  apear to be like the old Garton cars.  The pedals are unique as well as a few other things.  I believe this might be one of the little odball makers that you read about.  I can not find any cars with this suspension in my materials.   It is not an american national nor gendron.  Non of the tel tail signs are there.

Anyone have any info on this piece?  I would love to see a catalog page or photo with info.

Thanks Rick

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