More room for more toys!!!

Hi all,

I am getitng ready to head toward TN.  I’m excited to pick up several cars from my restorer as well as hitting all the cool antique shops along the way. I make a 1.5 day trip into 3 days so i can zig zag across the country.  I have found several things as well as met alot of great people. It will be fun.

I have been looking for a new trailer for a while.  I need one for the pedal cars as well as my Harley’s.  I finally broke down and bought one yesterday.  I  look forward to useing it.  It sucks that it has dual axles because toles are per axel.  I pay a ton with my other trailer, this year it is going to be horrible.  Oh well, the costs of having such a cool hobby.  I’m ready to roll.

Here it is 7 x 16.

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