Sharknose reeled in to Minnesota.


A freind of mine sent me notice of an oddball auciton that was going off in MA.   I looked and found a few cars I would like to have.  This auction was for copany equipment.  Amongst all this stuff there were twelve pedal cars.  Very strange.  I registered and went after a few cars.  I spent a  bit more than I wanted on the two I won. so I let the others go.  One of the cars I won is a 1930’s Gendron Sharknose.  I had one in my last collection and thought it would be tough to replace.  I’m so happy I found another.   These cars sold in the 10k range in the early 90’s.

I also fouond a very straight and super nice Steelcraft streamliner..  I could not pass it up.  I will bring these cars to P forge to use as possible trade if somehting wonderful comes up.  If not, I will restore them.

Here are the cars.

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