Holy crap!

I have always wanted one of these.  Never knew why, but thought it would be  cool to own one.  In my entire collecting career, I have never seen one, never even seen a real photo of one.  No one I know in the pedal car world has ever seen one either until now.   It was 2am I could not sleep and was scouring Ebay as usual.   I created an odd ball search and their it was. The description had it as a “sidewalk racer”.   I knew instantly what it was because I had stared at the catlaog pic so many times.  There sat a 1926 Gendron “Doll Auto” (Pedal car).  the owner knew he had somehting but did not know what.   There was a buy it now for a huge price or make an offer.   I wrote the owner and offered a fraction.  Strangely enough he wrote back within an hour.  (remember it is now about 3am and it had only been listed an hour or so) .  He dropped his price alot.  I could have pressed and probably got a bit more off but I grabbed it instead of taking the risk of losing it.

The car is about 25 inches long and 8 wide.  It has the exact styling of the big pedals.  It even has the orignal seat belt so the doll won’t fall out.  I dont know if it is worth huge bucks, but I do know it is rarer than rare. It is only missing a hood ornament and maybe a grille band.  Cant tell if it had one or not. If anyone has any info or pics (pic of little girl with this car would be phenominal) of this car, I would love to see or read about it.    Here  it is.  The car and catalog page.

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