The first auction had three cars  I wanted.  Unfortunately, I would not go as high as they did.  I was close, but am a bit concerned on the market, shipping, restoration and comission fees.  I let them go.   3500, 4000 and the last went for 4600.    No worries, there will always be another .  “)

The second auction had alot of good deals.  Value and a few that went through the ceiling.  I should have bought more.s but kept thinking of  P forge and Chicago toy show.  How the hell do you make that call?????    I broke down and bought one.  It is a rare American national Desoto Airflow.   The funny thing is that this exact car was at P Forge several years ago.  I walked passed it because othe price $4500-5000.   I loved the car and decided to go back and try to work a deal.  Of course!  it had sold within the first hour of the show.   So, it is very cool that it found its way back to me.  🙂   


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