1920’s Steelcraft makes it way to Minnesota

Good morning all,

I am set.  A cup of coffee, my computer tuned up and two live auctions inching towards the steel toys.  I am not so patienitly waiting for the items I am interested in to come up.  I did oto want to spend the money to travel to these auction houses only to come up empty handed.  I’m afraid one of these auctions will bring out the fenatics like me, but with a whole lot more money than I have.  🙁   Sucks when you have a budget and more than one or two things come up at the same time.

A week or so ago there was a solid 20’s steelcraft studebaker on ebay.  It was listed and relisted again.  It was on line for over 3 weeks.  It was listed for $1200.  I truly did not think that was a horrible price for this car. Not a steal in this market, but for a large 20’s car, it was not bad at all.   In the past this same piece in would have brought 3 grand..  I patiently watched but no bids were to be had.  I contacted the owner and made an offer.   No repsonse.   The first auction ended,  It was relisted. I wrote again and offered the same.  NO response.  Second auction ended, No bids.  All of a sudden I receieved an email “Ok, send the money” .  lolo  I was surprised.  it was a dealer and he did not want to house such a large piece.  It is on its way to me as we speak. I will post better pics when it arrives but I have a few til then.

It is very solid and will restore up nicely.  It only needs a bumper and windshield.  Everything else looks to be there.  Maybe a few smalls that I did not notice..  I love the grille on this car.

Well, I’m going back to twatch my auctions.  i will post any pics of anything I might be lucky enough to grab.  Wish me luck..   I need way more money.  Two auctions today, another in 3 days, chicago in a few weeks and Pigeon Forge in a few weeks after that.  I need to find more more more money. lolo    OR, I could quite collecting. mmmmm???  Na, more money is the answer. 🙂  Have a great weekend all.     Rick

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