Spring is springing! The antique auctions and sales are in bloom!!!

Hi  all,

I guess I owe all of you an apology.  My computer son informed me that typing in capital letters is the same as yelling at someone.  I had no idea. I guess I’m just too old to know the slang. Idiot me thought I was just making it easier for all to read my blogs. lololo   My son promised to adjust the font so it is not quite so small.

Any way.  I was cruising on ebay and saw this gem.   It is an early teens gendron tandem.  Its orignal and beautiful..   I have followed this car for years but refuse to spend the kind of money they are asking.  Maybe some day it will come live with me.

Item image

Until then, I’m getting ready for pidgeon forge.  Cant wait!  I have several  restored cars to pick up.  Its like Christmas day.

I seams like alot of older pedals are showing up these days.   More auctions of entire collections and rare models are coming to market too.   I think that old collections are being brought to market because family members of the owners do not have any interest in the toys.  Thehe owners want to get the best price, and  If left til after death, the owners are concerned that collections will be bought for pennies with uneducated family members.

There are several large collections coming to market.  I will be saving my pennies to grab what i can and rebuild the wheelie world collection I once had.  I had about 350.  I have about 40ish right now.   My goal is to bring my collection to the former size with much rarer and quality than I had the first time.

Hope you all are having a great spring.  Rick


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