Hi all!

The toy room is almost finished.  It is painted, has crown molding. (only did this to cover a gap), but looks great) and has carpet with pad.

I went to buy carpet and changed my mind to rugs because of the cost.  I almost fell over.  The carpet store priced out almost $4000. Holy crap!  Rugs were going to have to make do.  On the way home the next day I found out that a Lowes lumber store was going out of buisnes.  Kim and I went and found all sorts of stuff for 50% off.  Everything was fllying off the shelves  I walked around the store and came upon carpet.  There was a brand new roll.  Right color, right quality and there were rolls of a high quality pad too.   I priced it all out and it came to about $1000.00  for the entire roll. 900 square feet of carept.  Plus, it is 15 feet wide. Only one seem for the entire room. 🙂  I grabbed it right then.  Then the fun began.  They rolled it, and placed it in my trailer with a fork lift.  Remember one roll. Hundreds and hundreds of pounds.

Needless to say, it was a miracal that I got it out of the trailer by myself. No one else was home.  That is why I was alone in this task.  I found someone to install it for hundreds of dollars and I was done.   I saved a mint and it looks fantastic.

The room is heated but no air.  I’m sure I can buy a nice window unit in the spring and it will be just fine.    I purchased a small sectional and the rest I already had.   I just have to get a TV and the room will be all set.  Lots of shelves yet to be filled.  However, thats the fun and I’m sure it will be no problem over the next year (s)  lolol   hehehhehe Evil laugh!

Cars cleaned and installed.  Lots of toys are out of the house, giving my loving wife room to breath.  🙂

Here it is!

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