Last major Antique show yeilds ORIGINAL!

One of the last antique shows of the season was this weekend.  I walked through the field and found a few things of interest but nothing I wanted to buy.  Usually the good stuff, if any, was inide.

  As I waked into the door, there was a 1940’s Garton fire truck.  The dealer was unlaoding and setting up.  The car sat upon a table.   I walked over, looked close.  It was orignal.  Every single piece of it was orignal.  Granted it was not the nicest orignal I have ever seen but it was dam good.  It had some paint splatter on it.  As if somebody was painitng  something and the light splatter hit the car as they painted.   I figured some polising compound might get rid of that slight problem.

I asked the price, the dealer had one that was firm.   “i’m just unloading.”  I will negotiate after the end of Saturday.  I made several offers. He stood firm.  I figured I should buy it because someone else would before the day was out. 

A bit of effort on cleaning and onto the shelf it goes.  Since I would like to stay below the 1940’s I might use it for trade value on super cars to come.


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