OK, Its not a pedal car, but WOW!

Last May I purchased this Rocket rear steer trike during the national pedal car show. (all sorts of things show up).    The paint was beat up but it was all there with new tires and all the cool stuff chromed.   I haggled and haggled but was only able to get the guy to drop a few hundred dollars on the price. 

I brought it home.  Still    loved it when I pulled it out of the trailer.  That doesn’t allways happen .  My wife looked at it and fell in love with it.   She suggested some new colors and I mentally logged them in my head.  Along with a few other things, I brought the trike to the restorers.  The other stuff was done first.  See post prior to this one.

Yesterday, my restorer called and said the trike was done.  WOW!  I almost forgot it was there.  I went over to pick it up and was super suprised. It looks so much different in my wifes colors than it did before.  Everyone who has seen it has raved about how cool it is and that the colors are awesome.   Here it is. Let me know what you think.!

Rocket rear wheel steering Trike 1930’s

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