Toys toys toys!

Hi everyone!

I have not found any new pedal cars at present but I did pick up some toys from my restorer.  They all turned out super well.  I would prefer orignals, but when you find some rare models, well, you cant pass them up.  

There is a 1930’s Gendron Airplane. This is the coolest plane I have ever seen.  They are ungodly expensive when they find there way to the auction block.  I paid through the nose  at the chicago toy fair, $1200.   Some things you just want to own.  There have been a few orignals that have sold in the 20k range. Wow!  Some prices I just dont’ understand.

There is also a Turner passenger plane.   On the way home from Pigeon Forge I stoped at this cool antique shop. There in the corner, in pieces was this  plane.  The true meaning of a basket case.   It was all there and only $40 bucks.  I could not pass it up.  The restoration cost me a few hundred but I love it.  The wing span on this sucker is about 28 inches.  Its huge.  Love it.

The steelcraft truck was found at a local flea market around here.  I think I should have left this one original. It was not in very good shape but it seemed to hae way more personality before restoration than what it does now.   This happens occasionaly.  I wish I hadn’t syndrom!    Oh well, over all it looks great.

The oddball of the group is the 1950’s Nylint telescoping crane.  It is way outside the perameters of what I collect but couldn’t help myself.  First, it was only $20.  Second , I had never seen one.  I probalby have and never paid attention but don’t’ truly remember.    I found it in a very old antique shop that had mostly furniture and a few odds and ends of other things. It is so unique, I could not leave it there for $20.   I took it and brought it back to the cabin where we were staying.  Much to my surpirse, my wife loved it!  I almost fell over.   “Thats really cute, I like the moving parts on it”.  It makes it way more fun when she likes a piece.   She likes the toys overall but just doesn’t understand the fenaticisim about them that I have.   I love toys, always have and belive I always will.  I just had to narrow my tastes down a bit on what to bring home otherwise I would collect from all areas.  “I need more money” lolo      Enjoy the pics, Rick

Here are some pics of what I brought home.

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