Pedal plane returns home!

Hi everyone!

Morphy Auction house had an auction wiht several of my old pedal cars.  I wish I could have bought most back but settled for one.  I bought back my 1930/40’s  Gendron Air King.  It is an orignial.  I know this becuase I am the one that restored it.   It is one of the most rare planes out there.  As a result of its rarity, it has been copied by a few.   Look close before you ever buy one.  Odds are it is a fake.

This plane was one of a few cars that I never wanted to auction but financial demands make you do things you don’t like.  I was thrilled to get it back.   This is the second nice car I have gotten back.   Maybe they all will creep back into my hands along with some new rare ones.  🙂

Here it is.

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