Original, original and, Oh thats right, ORIGINAL!

As I creep back into this hobby, by desire to buy all years and all conditon is hard to fight.  My friend however, a curator in a museum, has been beeting on me for years that I need to narrow my interests down and most of all “Buy only orignals”.

Though,  I will never give up all restored cars, I did decide on some new rules for my self and my wallet.  Nothing newer than 1940’s and 80% of the collection must be original.  I know she is right, but sometimes the shiny paint and bright colors of a fresh restoration is just to great of a temptation to resist.

With that being said, here is my latest Original. It just arrived on Tuesday. 1935 American National Fire Chief:

I ll keep hunting, you do the same.  Please send pics of your latest finds.  I would love to see them and share them with others.  Rick

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