The last leg to Pigeon Forge. What a surprise!

I only had a 100 miles to go from where I gave up driving last night.  Several antique shops popped up along the way.  You usually find  quality smaller toys in these shops.  Not too often do the good pedals show up there.

I went to 3 and then there was a forth.  Prior to this shop, all I saw was the usual 70’s or 80’s cars that I have no interest in.  I pulled in and started walking around the shop. Lots of glass and misc stuff.  The norm.   Then I stood in the hallway next to a booth that had a case of small toys.  It was pretty cool.  Then, all of a sudden something above my shoulder caught my eye. I almost missed it.  there sat a 1935 Steelcraft “Playboy” Airflow, dump truck.  All original too boot.  I almost fell over.  I stood there staring…. NO WAY!     Once I regained my composure I started the hunt for the price tag with the expectation of a price that would make me pass out.   Well, the price was not great but not bad at all for an all original.  Below the truck, taped to the case was a tag that indicated another 20% off everyting in the case.  I pulled out my phone/calculator and figure it out.   It was coming home with me at that point.    I was about to go make an offer much lower than the price I figured when the clerk came to me and started chatting with me.  I asked if she would call the owner and offer him a price.  She told me to follow her.  We went to the front desk where she pulled out an envelope with a note in it.   The day before another customer came to the store and had sent an offer to the owner but he was not available.  They said they would contact him, get his best price and let him know the price when he came back today.  (arrived at the shop only a few minutes after it opened).  Well, she pulled out the note and the price was another several hundred less than the discounted price.  Though higher than my offer I knew that was the bottom, or dam close to it.   I said I would take it.    I hate TN sales tax.  It is 50% higher than Mn.  grrrrr

Well, here it is:

I packed up the truck and proceeded down the road toward the hotel.    Along comes another antique shop.  I stopped in.  funny thing this one had about 6 pedal cars.   Nothing that was old enough for my taste but very nicely restored.    The clerk told me all the pedals were upstairs.  I walked around saw them and then decided to leave.   As a matter of habbit I always walk the entire store, even if the clerk says they have nothing else.   I ended up in the back of the store where there was nothing but furniture.  I wak into the very very back alcove of a space and there sat a huge old closet/armoir. Not nice enough to be an amoir but you get the idea.  There sat what was left of a 30’s pedal cars.  I walked closer to get a better look.   The body was shot, holes everywhere.   Thought it was junk, but then looked closer.  This car, or remnants of a car had a beautiful shovel nose grillle, perfect hubcaps and a fantastic chasis with pedals, straps etc.. alll in tack.  Hell, the grille alone is worth $250, chasis is worth about $150.   After some wheeling and ealing I bought it for $140.   I  arrived at the hotel and sold the hubcaps off the car for $40.  Someone wanted Originals.  🙂   I’m sure that grille has a cars name on it that will come live withme.   Here is the poor thing that is becoming an organ donor.

Once I finally arrived at the hotel there were a few toys in the lot but it was mostly barron with no one around.  I unlaoded my stuff, filled my room (look at pics) and went to lunch.  When I returned someone else had arrived and had his stuff outside his room.  Normal stuff with the exception of a great super oldy Garton.   The price is high but we are at P forge.  Well see what it does this week.  It is a rickity old thing but very cool never the less.   1900’s Garton.

The rest of the pics are of the hotel and antique shops on my last leg to P forge.

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