Pigeon Forge is only an hour away!

Good morning!

I just had breakfast.  Ok, Ok, it was something that had the color of normal eggs and bacon but I’m not sure this substance was ever related to a chicken at any point of its existance.  Oh well, it will keep me going for a while longer.

I know there are a few buddies that are already set up at the hotel but most will be arriving today and a good chunk of people  tomorrow.  The $100,0000 question is what is going to show up. Speculation has it that several of the cars from Kaufmans Auction will surface once again.  I have been told that several cars form my own auction are coming back again from last years shows.

Funny thing, and disturbing, is that several of the Kaufman cars, mostly the originals, are resurfacing again and again at oddball auction houses.  For example.  A barber chair car and large fire truck sold for almost 30k each at the original Kaufman auction.  A few months later those two pieces showed up at a small auction house in Wisconsin.  This time selling for low 20’s.  Now I hear through the grape vine that these same two pieces are owned by someone who has buyers remorse and are for sale again.  mmmmmmmmmmmm?  Sounds awfully suspicious to me.   I would guess that they were bid up at the two auctions, with the house still owning them while they shop them around the country to find a buyer at the “right” price.

Anyone who knows the owner, tell him I would like to buy the Fire truck for the right price.  A realalistic price not a high end, rich mans, gotta own it price.  I love the big cars and trucks.

Anyway! On to the more pleasant aspect of this show. Many thanks to Al Nyquist. A great man who , at the last minute grabbed the reins of this show when it was noticed to be cancelled.  He stepped up to the plate and kept it alive for all of us to enjoy.  He is a wonderful guy and I thank you so very much for the time and effort that you put in.  Especially on such short notice.

I will taking photos and will be posting them throughout the day to keep on of you who are not here updated.  No reason not to enjoy the show, even if you are not here.

More later!!!!   Wish me luck on my search for that super rare whatever!!!     Rick

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