Most guys would love to have time away.  They can do whatever and hang with whomever.  I have only been gone since Saturday morning and miss my wife terribly.  We had some construction going back home.  The completion of said construction was to be done way before we were scheduled to leave.  Mother nature decided to help delay things by dumping days upon days of rain.  Kim, the trooper that she is knew how much have been looking forward to this trip decided to stay home so there was someone there to direct the construction.  Unfortunately, to do that, she was unable to come on the trip.

It only took about 12hrs before I started missing her.  Each day that passes makes it worse.  Each time I see something cool I instinctively turn to show or tell her something and there she is NOT. 🙁   I do talk to her several times each day and send her pictures along with updating this site.  I just wanted to let her know that I miss her terribly, and wanted everyone else to know the same.

I love you Kim.  🙂   Home in a few more days.     hehehhe with a few more toys!   lololo  I can see her shaking her head as she reads this!!!!!   😀

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