Pedal Plans For The Future!

Good Morning!

I’m sitting at my computer drinking coffee and looking out into the gray sky. I thought I would share my plans for the next month or so. Pidgeon forge, National Pedal car show, is coming up in May. I have my trailer ready and some cars for sale to bring.

Its been an exciting year. Several large auctions have occurred and believe some fo these cars will resurface at the show to be resold. I belive some owners will be disapointed. Thinking they will make a killing on what they bought at auction. I find that from MOST auctions you will pay all and maybe more than what the market will bare. On ocasion,  prices are very low and you will be able to resell at a nice profit or just bring it home and enjoy your new car for far less than what it would take to find and restore the same.

The last Kaufman Auction is on the 15th. The prices will quite hi I expect. As from the past aucitons, toys from these sales have popped up in other auctions around the country. Auction house manipulation or people found them over their heads in bidding wars??? I leave that to you for your consideraton. Be Careful!!!

I have never had much luck at auctions. I overbid or feel the prices are outrageous. One on one buying is my style. Not to sayl I won’t shell out the big bucks here and there, but you lose all leverage at an auction house. Set a price and STICK with it no matter what happens. You NEVER know who you are bidding against. Much to your surprise, it might just be yourself.

Well, I just broke out my new motorcycel. I’m going to go for a ride. Write back and tell me what your summer collecting plans are or if anyone has any new toys they would like to share.


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