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Hi everyone!

I’m back at it again.  I sold my entire collection but found myself staring at ebay, calling and writing people about pedal cars.  I could not stay away. I finally gave in and started buying again.  I have about 25 cars at present.  It is a far cry from the 350 I had a few years back.  I am going to gather a collection that will be from the 1930’s and older.  Its time to be far more selective than I was in the past.  I have the knowledge and will power to walk buy the cars I was excited about in the beginning.

I am creating this site as a reference for everyone.  It will contain several pictures.  Some of the cars are mine but most of the pictures are gathered from every source imaginable.  If you find an error in identification, please let me know.  I want it to be right.  Just send me the correct info with verification like an ad or catalog identification. I am more than happy to correct my mistake.

Enjoy my site and remember.  I buy pedal cars!!  Send me a pic and what you want for it.  Any conditon for 1930’s and older.  If you don’t know what it is,or what year it was made, send a pic and I will identify it for you.

Best wishes to all.  Rick

P.S.  This site is new and I’m having a bit of difficulty getting all the pics installed with identifications. Please be patient as I figure out the administration of this site..   Thanks, Rick

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