I almost forgot to show you the American National dump truck I bought.  It is amazing.  It is all orignal and from 1925.  I bought it from pictures only.   I belived it to be the 5 ton truck but upon delivery it was the much harder size to find.  It is a 2.5 ton.  American National made 3 sizes.  1 ton, 2..5 ton and the 5 ton.   I have a restored 5 ton. It is big.  Cant imagine the brute of a kid that can pedal that tank.

Here are some pics. Yes it is all orignal.  It is a great truck and simply put. Killer!

andash andump a dump truck

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Hi all,

Its been a while since I last wrote. Sorry about that.   Since september I have gone to hershey.  It is always a super long drive but fun never the less.  This year I did come home with a nice car and a few parts for a big car of mine.

I found a 1936 Skippy Airflow made by american national.  It is only missing a few things but is solid and a super great car.  If I don’t sell it I will put it in line to be restored.  Wow, my restoration line is getting long these days.

The pedal car open house was not quite as busy as years past but was still lots of fun chatting with people old and new.  A few cars showed up along with  other toys.  The interest is still there.  Its a bit slow but I think overall, pedal cars are still alive and well.  I believe it will take a few more years until people are relaxed with the ecomomy and are willing to spend on extras like collectables.

Here is the airflow as well as a fresh restoration of another airflow I have.    Rick

Airflow skippy 1 airflow skippy 2 airflow skippy 4 aiflow skippy 3restored aiflow 2 restored airflow 1 restored airflow 3 restored airflow 4

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Hi all,

Thanks fto my son and this wonderful site he built, I received another lead on a very nice pedal.  I received an email from a very nice woman who indicated she had a pedal and other toys she would like to sell.    After identifying the car and toys we chatted for a few days and I ended up with her entire collection of about 8 toys and the pedal.  The toys are a mismash of a few differant things.  Some decent, some not worth a dime.   However, the star of the show was her pedal car.   I knew it was a 1920s Sidway topliff right off the bat, but model??????, I had to delve into my books.

After a short period fo time I found the car to be a 1925ish.  (made it for a few years)   Pierce arrow.  I hae never seen this model in person.  Actually, I have never even seen a picture of this model.

The car is 90% complete with a very poor restoration.  It also has tags and plates that are not correct to the model or car itself.   Everyone seems to think all 20′s cars are American Nationals and restore them that way.   I guess if you don’t have the resources to research, I that is as good a guess as any.

The car and toys are on their way to me now.  It will be put in line for restoration like a few others.

Here are the pics.  enjoy and let me know what you think.   Remember, I buy pedal cars.  If you have the right ones, I will buy one or your entire collection like this one.

Rick  :)









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Hi everyone!

The snowmobile was dropped off for restoration.   I was a little hesitant to bring it to my pedal car guy because it is so uniquie and differant.  Much to my surprise, I found out that one of his several jobs growoing up was a snowmobile mechanic. lololol   Jackpot! He worked at a dealershiop for over 2 years. :)   We know he can paint, but he has exact knowledge of snowmoblies, and ski doo snowmoibles to boot.:)

He thought the sled was awesome yet thinks there is a good chance it might have been home made.   He is not totally sure because of the detail in all the workings.  Even the placement of the wheels under the tracks  are set oposite ways every other wheel. That small detail is exaclty how the large sleds are made.  He pointed out several things that were absolutely correct.  He could not tell if the sled had several repairs with whatever was in dads garage and actually started as a factory sled or if it was made by a super talented craftsman.

He thinks, even if ski do ordered it, it was hand made by a great craftsmen.  ”There would be no way they tooled up to produce a run of these tiny machines.”.    The fact there are no pics, no old pics and NO info on this peice anywhere indicates more homemade then corporate.

Either way,  this little ski doo is coming back to life.   My job right now is to try to find the correct engine for it.   The restorer indicated 50-75cc with right side pull start.    I have already found some canidates but am searching out all my options.

I wil keep you updated on the restoration.  Kitty cat watch out.  This tiny ski doo is on its way back to kick your Kitty butt.  :)


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Hi all,

Its been a while since I last wrote.  Not to say I have not been busy with toys and marrying off my daughter.  WOW!  both my kids are married and gone.  Officially off the parental payroll. lolo   Yes, I know, im delusional.   One can dream.

Oh well.  I went to a farm auction a few weeks back and bought a couple of things.  The first was a car that violates my number one rule. No fakes, reproductions, hand made  or plastic/glass cars.   With that said, I could not resist this hand made cord coupe.  Its a tad to small for a pedal car but is about the same size.   It needs total restoration.   The main reason I bought it was it had a roof.  It is a full coupe.  It is pretty close to the lines of the real car.  It will cost me a mint to restore it but once done it will be outstanding.

The star of the show is the snowmobile I purchased.  This is not any snowmobile, it is the tiniest factory made sled I have ever seen.  It is the size of a kids wagon or pedal car.  It has a motor and everything the big ones have.    There is nothing on the books about this little gem.  It is obviously a ski doo.  From the design and detial it apears to be a 67 or 68.  It is a total basket case, but it is sooooo rare and so unique I don’t mind speding the bucks to bring it back.

I thought Artic Cat was the only one who made childs snowmobiles.
kitty cat”.   That was in the 80′s I think.   I guess ski doo made a few as well.    My best guess is that it was made along with a few others for show room floors, or give aways like the pedal cars were in the 20′s and 30′s.

If anyone has any info on this little beast PLEASE let me know.  I will keep you all updated on the restoration.


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Once agian, I was surfing craigs list.  Low and behold there was a  fully restored, 1941 Steelcraft Pursuit plane.   I could tell the base plane was an original 41 and not a reproduction.  However, it did have some of the normal parts replaced.  I.e.  hubcaps, Steering wheel and  tires.

The exterior of the plane was done very very well but, the restorer did not refinish the inside of the cockpit that well.  It has the normal orange peel pitting  on the underside in varied spots.  Over all it looks great.

I found out that this plane was only 15 miles from my house.   I showed up, inspected the plane and bought it for a few hundred dollars. :)  It had been listed on Craigs list for only 24hrs.

Keep searching guys!  They ARE out there.


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Hi all,

I was surfing my new found nitch to seek out pedals and I came across a Thomas pedal train.  I know they are out there.  In fact I remember several years ago when my son was a Thomas freak they were only available in Europe.  I tried to find one but they were outragous.   Years went by and so did the idea of buying one of those little pedal trains.

My son is grown, married with a beautiful wife, little boy and 6 month old twin girls.  Yup, he is on the fast tract.   His son is a Thomas the train freak just like he was.  I thought I might find him a pedal train.  He is only two, but my grandson can out do any 5 yr old. :p lolol

I started looking.   They came out a few years back in the US.  WOW!  $600.    Even now, several years later the used ones go for over $300.    I searched ebay and Craigslist.   The problem was if I found one on ebay, the price plus shipping was just too high.  I kept looking at Craigslist and hit pay dirt.   I found one only 15 miles from me.  It never left the basement and only had one little tiny scratch on it that is not even noticeable unless you search for it.  Of course I did! lolol

Now I have a birthday present for my Grandson.  Its not until later this year but Gramps is ready.  The best thing of all is when he is done and the girls are done with it, Gramps can reclaim it for the collection.   I don’t think they made that many and they do not make them any more.  Plus, it is kinda cool, even if it is brand new.    Here it is in my building until the birthday rolls around.

thomas_train1 thomas train a thomas train b

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NOT A PEDAL, OR IS IT!!!!!!!!!! :)

OK OK OK!   I deviated off the normal course of my collection.  However, there are things that come along you just cant pass up.   lololol  I cant belive I fell for this little horse.  I was looking at it and then noticed it was a pedal horse. It has a pedal mechanism just like the pedal cars.  Wow!  what a cool toy.  The kid gets a plush horse and can still drive it like a car, or should I say gallop away.

I bought it.  It will take a few weeks to arrive because it is coming from France.  Take a look and laugh or see the uniqueness that I see.   I will keep you updated as I bring this little guy back to life.


p.s.  I found a reference pic of what this horse must have looked like when he was a colt!

IMG_20140512_155458_985 pedal horse reference pic

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Hi all,

I spend alot of time searching for pedal cars on the net, sales, antique shops.  You name it, I probably have hunted for them there. :)  One night I was looking at Craigs list for an unrelated item.   It accured to me that I had never hunted  craigs list for pedal cars.  I always assumed it was a glorified garage sale.  Boy was I mistaken.

I put a search in for pedal cars.  Granted, there was not much in my area, but I expanded the search to different states.   I found a few cars that were very nice but the price was out of site.  I kept looking  and came across this super nice orignal little pedal racer.    I have seen a few before but they were so beat up they were not worth  restoration.  Missing parts and rust got the best of those.

The picture showed  an 100% orignal, 1928 Steelcraft “New Star Racer”.   I just smiled.  I wrote the owner and negotiated a deal and it was on its way to Minnesota.  It was only missing hubcaps.  :))))))))   I had four orignal!!!  This little baby only set me back $300.  including shipping.   Well worth it to me.  :)

Remember everyone!  They are everywhere, anywhere at any time.  Keep looking.  They are still out there.  You just need to seek them out.  :)))))))))

steelcraft racer 1 steelcraft racer 2 steetcraft racer ad 3

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This weekend was one of those that you get excited for its arrival.   The Northland toy show finally arrived.  Saturday was set up day.  I showed up bright and early, paid the $30 early admission and started the hunt.  I noticed that the only pedals that showed up were 50′s and newer.  There was a beautiful orignal BMC but I try not to buy any cars earlier than 1940′s unless spectacular.  This car did not meet that criteria.

I walked around and found a beautiful Buddy L water tower. All orignal.  $3500.00  WOW!  The dealer loved it more than I did, I kept moving.     I found the dealer I have done buisness with over the years.  He was setting up his booth while telling me about  two Keystone planes he brought.   Keystone planes are somewhat common.  However, he said these were differant because they were the popper motor planes.(pistons go up and down when plane is rolled allong). 

He opend this case and there was an all orignal Keystone single prop popper motor.  Wow!, immediatly after that, he pulls out a beautifully restored tri popper motor.  He kept setting up while I looked at the planes.  He said which one???    I smiled and said, how much for both.  He was shocked.  30 Seconds later, the dance was done and the planes left the building with me. :) .

Early this morning, I hopped out of bed and headed back over to the toy show. All things were set up and becuase of my ealry buyers fee, I was in a few hours ahead of the crowed.

I walked around and found a few things and then it caught my eye.  A buddy L water tower very very similar to one that I saw the day before.  It was beautiful, only missing a seat and rear water nozel.  I know I can find the nozel and will only have to watch ebay to find an orignal seat.   A few minutes with the dealer and I paid a fraction of what the other truck was listed for the day before.

I was feeling great.  3 new toys, I was set for a while.    Then I remembered  a pedal plane in a vegas auction.  Of course, today was auction day.   I still wanted the plane very much.   I knew what it was, but I was not sure if many others collectors did.  It is a 1920s Sidway toplift.  I have never seen one, not even a picture.  I only have the catalog pic to reference it with.  

I waited for the auction to start. Once it came to the floor, I almost fell over, $350.  No, thats not a typo. $350.00   There were virtually no toys in this auction. Im sure that had to affect the audience.  (good for me)    This plane is extremely rare.  However, I don’t believe it is any  more valuable than others of its era.  Its just super unique.   I think it has to be worth at least $1500 unrestored.

I have had a great weekend, paid a bit much for the pressed steel, but the pedal plane averaged all the pieces out below maret price.  Awesome!!!   Best wishes to you all.  Ricksidwaytoplift plane. 1920s


1929  Sidway Toplift:  Model #796
sidway plane

buddy l water tower 1 buddy l water tower 2


Cleaned and put out for display. ;)
zzzzz keystone popper planes 2 keystone popper planes

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